These mounts are versatile, easy to install and strong enough to use without a sleeper.

Demand for solar energy has been steadily increasing over the years, with interest in solar installations jumping to 21% in the first few months of 2020, according to Bloomberg New Energy Finance (BloombergNEF) research. The buzz doesn’t stop there though, contractors are starting to realize the opportunity solar energy presents to them to diversify business and bring in new revenue.

Following the success of the Wilmar Pipe Collar, W. R. “Bill” Merrin saw the benefits of solar and worked with Michael Steele to develop their patented Equipment and Solar Mounting System.

The system consists of two parts: an equipment channel and the deck mount. The equipment channel is available in with either a fixed and adjustable channel and the deck mount comes in a flat or pitched version. The pitched mount can also be special ordered for any pitch of roof.

This system installs easily on flat or pitched roofs of all material types and eliminates the need for sleepers directly on the roof. Designed to be used for either residential or commercial applications, this system was designed to be strong, water-tight and save time and money on installation.

Your customers will love this less expensive option to mount a solar PV system by retrofitting of a solar panel system on an existing pitched roof. This mounting system can also be used for Swamp Coolers, HVAC, Wind/View screens, walkways, signs and decks.

 Bill was also known for inventing other smart rooftop solutions, try a Pipe Collar for free! 

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About Wil-Mar Products:

For over 28 years, Wil-Mar Products, Inc. has been providing three unique products, the Pipe Collar, the Roofer’s Saw and the Solar and Equipment Mounting System, to meet the needs of roofing and solar contractors. They offer sustainable roofing solutions that meet the needs of the roofing industry and can provide personalized services to any interested contractor. Wil-Mar is dedicated to enabling roofing contractors to perform at the highest level with their job-enhancing products.