Wil-Mar Products



Wil-Mar Products, Inc. was founded by W. R. “Bill” Merrin in 1990. Bill was a Roofing Contractor and realized a need in the industry to seal the vent pipe to a roof flashing and eliminate mastic and taping. The Pipe Collar was invented and patented, and provides a permanent weather tight vent pipe counter flashing that is warranted to last the life of the roofing system being installed.

Bill then developed, with the input from Michael Steele, the Equipment and Solar Mounting System. This product is also patented. This system installs easily to flat or pitched roofs and can be used for either residential or commercial applications. The system eliminates putting sleepers directly on the roof.

Lastly came the Roofers’ Saw, that also was co-designed with Michael Steele. This saw is used for removing broken shakes, shingles and slate. It cuts off the fasteners quickly without damage to adjacent material.



Wil-Mar Products, Inc. is an “S” Corporation and is now operated by Marianne Sumter, President and T. J. (Ted) Maggio, Vice President-Marketing.

Wil-Mar Products, Inc. is operated out of San Jose, California.