2015 Announcement from Roofer’s CoffeeShop

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We are happy to share this recent announcement posted by the Roofer’s Coffee Shop.

Wil-Mar Products Inc., is now celebrating 25 years of providing unique items for the roofing industry.

“It all began in 1990 when Bill Merrin had a ‘vision’ and the rest is history!  Bill saw the need to refine the way vent pipes were sealed and waterproofed.  The Pipe Collar, which is made of a special EPDM rubber material, provides a waterproof counter-flashing that slides down over the vent pipe and stays firmly attached. Later the Solar and Equipment Mounting System was developed and, finally, The Roofers Saw.  These items continue to be used for many applications.

 Many thanks to all the roofers,   maintenance companies, homeowners, etc. who continue to use our products.”
Marianne Sumter, President | Wil-Mar Products, Inc.